Dental Clinic

Dental care for Knights Landing


Through the help of Dr. Dagon Jones and UC Davis undergraduate students, KLOHC Dental Clinic was established as the first dental clinic in Knights Landing in 2016. We provide free dental care (i.e. extractions, fillings, cleanings) and oral health education for the long-overlooked oral care needs of this community. Our clinic operates through grants, donations, and dedication of dental professionals and UC Davis undergraduate volunteers. During the first Saturday of every other month, our volunteers transform the Knights Landing’s community center into a working dental clinic by setting up dental chairs and equipment in the building’s living room and exam rooms.


The first Dental Committee was established in 2018 to have pre-dental students provide assistance for dental professionals and collaborate to come up with projects aiming at improving the community’s oral wellness. Members also work on arranging oral health education programs, recruiting new volunteering dental professionals, writing grant applications, and finding partnership with nearby organizations.

Dental Clinic Information

Dental clinic is held the first Saturday of every other month.

Providing services in:
  • General check-ups
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Cleanings
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