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Our Mission

Knights Landing One Health Center aims to provide linguistically competent and culturally sensitive healthcare services to the rural underserved in the Knights Landing area.

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Current COVID Protocol:

We are continuing to take the proper health and safety precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As of March 2023, we require:

  • All patients, undergraduates, and medical professionals to wear masks in the clinic space
  • COVID symptom screening prior to any appointment
  • Patient’s temperature taken prior to being seen for an appointment

We also provide free COVID tests to any patients who need them, upon request.

Our Services

Community-centered care linking human, environmental, and animal health.

We provide basic health care services to the rural underserved communities of Knights Landing, La Tijera, Robbins, and the nearby migrant camps

Healthcare Services

Our clinic provides basic health care services to Knights Landing and its neighboring communities with a team of physicians, UC Davis medical students, and undergraduate volunteers.

Animal Care

Our veterinary clinic provides basic and preventative animal care for the Knights Landing community.

Enviromental Health

The collaboration with the Knights Landing Environmental Health Project led by UC Davis graduate students and their research strives to address one health concerns of the community.
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