About Our Clinic

Our Mission

The Knights Landing One Health Center, Medical Clinic aims to provide linguistically competent and culturally humble healthcare services to the rural underserved in the Knights Landing area. We seek to fill the gap in primary care services and health education, with particular emphasis on women, adolescents, and farm workers. Our goal is to provide community-centered care by maintaining a high level of community engagement and empowerment, and by continuing to collaborate with other organizations. We are striving to develop a One Health model, linking human, animal, and environmental health. We are also providing learning opportunities for undergraduate, graduate, and medical students in rural health, nurturing their growth as community leaders and advocates.

Our Goals

  1. The Knights Landing Clinic will provide basic health care services to the rural underserved communities of Knights Landing, La Tijera, Robbins, and the nearby migrant camps, including but not limited to health screening, health education, dental care, periodic primary care and patient advocacy. These services will be delivered in an atmosphere appropriate to the needs of the community and the patient in a multilingual/multicultural setting. It is the clinic’s goal to provide the proper direction toward necessary fundamental changes in the current healthcare system.
  2. The Knights Landing Clinic will provide the public with role models of health care professionals and student volunteers that are invested in serving the rural Chicanx/Latinx and non-Chicanx/Latinx community. Psychologically speaking, it is important that our patients, particularly the Chicanx/Latinx patients, become conscious that there exist health care providers and student volunteers dedicated to serving rural farm-working communities and that the health care system can work in their favor. In addition, this is of particular importance to the promotion of higher education in the Chicanx/Latinx community.
  3. Volunteer medical, graduate and undergraduate students will be given an opportunity to engage with the community and gain first-hand clinical experience as appropriate. The Knights Landing Clinic will be an environment in which we can develop humility towards the needs of the rural underserved while being exposed to a rural area that suffers chronic health, social, and economic under-service. By encouraging students to return to serve less fortunate rural communities, we also provide an environment conducive to career decisions and actions that are beneficial to the future needs of underserved rural communities.
  4. The actions of the clinic and its volunteers will strive to reflect a community-centered approach now and in the future! These actions will come from a place of respect, humility, professionalism, and excellence.